7th Annual Weight Stigma Conference

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Previous Sponsors


The Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA) is the national organization focused on providing leadership in the recognition, prevention, and treatment of Binge Eating Disorder (BED). As the first eating disorder organization to integrate weight stigma concerns and education in to its outreach and programming, BEDA is committed to further increasing awareness of weight stigma and its intersection with the development and maintenance of eating disorders.

BEDA is the founding organization of International Weight Stigma Awareness Week which takes place annually during the last full week of September. For more information and to join us in creating an international awareness movement as an individual or organization visit http://bedaonline.com/events/weight-stigma-awareness-week/. We would like to thank BEDA for their continued support of the WSC.

The Association for Size Diversity and Health is an international professional organisation composed of members committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Principles. Their mission is to promote education, research, and the provision of services which enhance health and well-being, and which are free from weight-based assumptions and weight discrimination. We would also like to thank ASDAH for their continued support of the WSC.

The Academy for Eating Disorders is a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment, and prevention. Its goals are to generate knowledge and integrate collective expertise about eating disorders; to provide platforms for the promotion of understanding, sharing of knowledge, and research-practice integration in the field of eating disorders; to build capacity in the next generation of eating disorders professionals; to foster innovation and best practice by recognizing excellence in the field of eating disorders.

AED’s main event is the annual International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED), a scientific conference that spans research and education from basic science to the treating clinician. ICED is attended by leading international researchers and includes presentations and discussions on the cutting edge of research in the field.

NAAFA logoFounded in 1969, NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA works to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support. Join us today at: www.naafa.org

PlusInc is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the District of Columbia (E.I.N. # 46-4104034) promoting a size-friendly society without discrimination or stigma (IRS 501c3 Determination pending approval). Our mission is to promote the equal and fair treatment of people of all sizes. Our purpose is to promote size-friendly public policy initiatives, educate stakeholders about size-friendly products and services, and combat size-related discrimination and stigma through public education activities.

Hate Free Culture is a project founded in 2014 by the Agency for Social Inclusion and funded by the EEA and the Czech government. Hate Free Culture targets young people and works closely with schools and using social media to raise awareness, provide information, and counter hoaxes and misleading or false news stories. Innovatively, they also reach out to haters online, conducting interviews with them and asking why they feel the way they do. Their goal is to bring people together, take on difficult conversations, and work for a more inclusive society. The project has given rise to Hate Free Art, Hate Free Zones, a Hate Free Fest branding for festivals, amongst other outputs.



Appetite is an international research journal specialising in behavioural nutrition and the cultural, sensory, and physiological influences on choices and intakes of foods and drinks. It covers normal and disordered eating and drinking, dietary attitudes and practices and all aspects of the bases of human and animal behaviour toward food. We would like to than Appetite and Elsevier for their continued support of the WSC.

July 2016 special issue on Weight Stigma and Eating Behavior. Profs Robert Carels and Janet Latner, eds.


Fat Studies journalRoutledge Journals is proud to publish Fat Studies, the first academic journal in the field of scholarship that critically examines theory, research, practices, and programs related to body weight and appearance. Routledge is one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, ebooks and reference works, and publishes content that spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Behavioural Sciences. We would like to than Fat Studies and Routledge for their continued support of the WSC.

For 15 years, BioMed Central have been making scientific research freely accessible and discoverable through partnerships, innovation and collaboration with the scientific community. Dedicated to open research, we now publish over 290 quality peer-reviewed journals in Biology, Clinical Medicine and Health.



GMFR LogoExclusively for women, Green Mountain at Fox Run is a healthy living retreat that teaches how to live healthfully and happily, free of feelings of restriction and deprivation often associated with dieting and the thin ideal. Founded in 1973, GMFR pioneered the ‘non-diet’ approach to health and well-being. In a truly unique environment, the experts at GMFR dispel the myths of “no pain, no gain” and “thin is in” to help women discover and sustain successful individualized healthy living patterns – recognizing that every woman is different, and every shape and size is beautiful. GMFR also offers special programs for women who binge and emotionally eat at its newly-opened Women’s Center for Binge & Emotional Eating (WCBEE). In their women only environment, GMFR and WCBEE foster a safe environment free of judgment about body size and fitness, and empower participants to adopt new eating, exercise, and lifestyle attitudes and behaviors. Visit fitwoman.com for more information.

NVivo is software that helps researchers organise and analyse unstructured information and qualitative data. Whatever your materials, your field, and your approach, NVivo provides a workspace to help you at every stage of your project – from organising your material, through to analysis, sharing and reporting. NVivo was developed to support analysis of rich data typically collected in the fields of social science, health and humanities and is extensively used by researchers in these disciplines around the world.

C is for Cookie is a cozy little café in downtown Reykjavik serving up excellent coffee, breakfast, lunch, and of course cookies (and brownies and cheesecake and … well, you get the idea). The café is run by the brother of this year’s stigma conference host, Sigrun Danielsdottir, and won the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014 and 2015. Check out their Facebook page for details of opening hours and location, or click here for a review on reykjavik.com.



Prague Special Tours was established by Ivan Galik in 2010 after for more than 10 years tour-guiding experience. The main aim was to focus on tours for visitors with a different focus on the city, going under the skin, or under the ground in many cases and providing tours, which in general other companies don’t offer. This focus makes Prague Special Tours one of the most unique tour companies in Prague.



We are delighted to include bonprix as a sponsor of the 2014 Weight Stigma Conference. They offer a huge range of Womenswear in sizes from 6 to 32, and all at the same price. They don’t have a Plus range; larger women are not a special population. Bodies are just bodies and they all deserve to wear great clothes. Check out the bonprix website to see their huge range of high-quality Womenswear, Lingerie, Shoes, Accessories, Sports, Swimwear, Menswear and Childrenswear. We would also like to thank bonprix for sponsoring a student travel bursary.

Bodacious provides you with beautiful and luxurious fashions in sizes 10 to a curvy 24! Perfect fit, flattering styles, and oh-so-comfy fabrics!
Mission and Vision Statement: To Celebrate all bodies through awesome fashion choices. To actively support and grow the concept of love, warmth, acceptance and play within and without the store. To share what we do in a bigger way to encourage women to take risks, have fun and play in their fashion/lives. 109-1535 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC (Granville Island) / 2-1113 Langley Street, Victoria, BC. We are open 10–6 every day. www.bodacious.ca


Education and Training

The University of Birmingham has taught and research graduate opportunities in the Schools of: Health and Population Sciences; Social Policy; Government and Society; Psychology; Sport, Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences; and Philosophy, Theology & Religion.

The host of the 2014 Weight Stigma Conference, the School of Psychology at the University of Kent is ranked within the top 20 UK psychology departments for world-leading research. Social psychology research in the school includes a focus on prejudice and discrimination, equality, identity, diversity and change, justice and morality, attitudes and decision making, status, leadership and power, conspiracies and social movements, security and risk, social influence, and personality. Visit the school website for more information.

Well Founded delivers training workshops designed for health, fitness, social care, children’s services and community development professionals and undertake bespoke commissioned training. Workshops are based on a Health At Every Size(R) approach – a health-centred initiative that teaches a compassionate approach to self-care and respects every body – whatever our weight, shape, fitness level, health status or health behaviours. Workshops are accredited by the British Dietetic Association. You can also train to become an approved Well Now facilitator.

The School of Psychology at the University of Surrey has a wide range of taught and research graduate courses in Psychology, including an MSc Health Psychology and MSc Social Psychology. Visit the school website for more information.

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton offers a range of taught and graduate courses. We offer a challenging and rewarding masters programme in all aspects of public health with an optional pathway that specialises in nutrition. For more information, please visit our public health pages.

Leeds Metropolitan University School of Health and Wellbeing has achieved worldwide recognition for research in Healthy Communities, Men’s Health, Childhood Nutrition and Obesity and health promotion. We offer a portfolio of courses leading to professional registration and membership, and our academics demonstrate an outstanding standard of educational practice. Visit our school pages for more information.

BC Dairy Association (BCDA) has been delivering leading edge nutrition education programs and resources to teachers and health professionals in BC for nearly 40 years. These programs and materials use a positive approach to teaching nutrition. BCDA also offers teacher workshops to help address weight bias in the school setting and to support students to develop a positive body image.

shortform_KinesiologyOutreach_b282rgb- banner for IMThe UBC School of Kinesiology Outreach Program provides community engagement and student development opportunities that deliver long term health and well-being to the UBC and Greater Vancouver community through physical activity programs supported by the expertise of the School of Kinesiology. Programs promote physical activity amongst all ages and abilities in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere and focus on evidenced-based practices. There are two programming areas: UBC Active Kids and UBC BodyWorks. The Active Kids program philosophy emphasizes positive sport experience and encourages lifelong participation in physical activity. We currently provide developmentally appropriate recreational gymnastics, soccer, basketball, multisport, and physical literacy classes. The BodyWorks Fitness Centre is UBC’s only adult-oriented fitness center. We offer evidenced-based programming focused on strength, conditioning, flexibility and cardiovascular health with a focus on older adult populations.

We’d like to thank the Department of Psychology within the Faculty of Education at Charles University, Prague, for logistical help and providing volunteers on the ground.




The Looking Glass Foundation for Eating DisordersLooking Glass Logo is a BC-based charity of prevention and support for those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders — and those who love them. We are about getting to the other side of eating disorders, to eventually achieving a world without this devastating disease. To that end, we offer innovative programs to facilitate eating disorder prevention, early intervention, support, recovery, and sustained relapse prevention.

Jessie's LegacyThe Jessie’s Legacy Eating Disorders Prevention Program provides education, resources and inspiration to prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.  Created and operated by Family Services of the North Shore, this innovative program supports BC youth, families, educators and professionals through online resources, live events, social media, and the Love Our Bodies, Love Ourselves movement.

The National Centre for Eating Disorders in the UK provides professional training, information for patients and carers, and access to a network of ED treatment providers.



Pearlsong Press: Healing the world, one book at a time. Fat Studies, fat-friendly fiction, non-fiction, and self-help. Plus free stuff. Click here. We would like to thank Pearlsong Press for their continued support of the WSC.

Kroppurinn er kraftaverkKroppurinn er kraftaverk,er falleg bók fyrir börn um líkamsvirðingu. Hún beinir athygli barna að öllum þeim frábæru hlutum sem líkamar þeirra geta gert og hjálpar þeim að læra að hlusta á líkama sinn. Bókin er skrifuð með það að markmiði að kenna börnum að þykja vænt um líkama sinn, hugsa vel um hann og bera virðingu fyrir líkömum annarra. Það er mikilvægt veganesti sem öll börn ættu að fá að taka með sér út í lífið. Höfundur bókarinnar er Sigrún Daníelsdóttir og Björk Bjarkadóttir myndskreytti.

Your body is awesomeYour Body is Brilliant: Body Respect for Children (published in the US as Your Body is Awesome: Body Respect for Children is written by Sigrún Daníelsdóttir and illustrated by Björk Bjarkdóttir. The book teaches body awareness, body appreciation, body care and respect for body diversity to young kids through simple, empowering messages and quirky illustrations. It is published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, an independent company committed to publishing books that make a difference. The company was founded in 1987 in London and has since then grown to the point where it publishes over 250 books a year, which are available throughout the world.

Combined Academic Publishers are the leading European distributor of University Presses, with a range of titles related to Fat Studies, body image, and stigma.

Ashgate is a leading independent press dedicated to publishing the finest academic research. Each year Ashgate publishes around 800 new books across fifteen subject areas in the Social Sciences and Humanities, representing the best academic research from around the world. They have an extensive series of books on the Sociology of Health and the Body.


We would like to thank Routledge for donating a copy of ‘Fat Lives‘ by Irmard Tischner as prize for the best oral presentation during the 2013 conference, and “The Biopolitics of Lifestyle: Foucault, ethics and healthy choices” by Chris Mayes for the best oral presentation during the 2017 conference.


what's wrong with fatOxford University Press is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence. They have a large range of books in the areas of fat studies, gender studies, sociology and social psychology. We would like to thank OUP for donating a copy of ‘What’s wrong with fat?‘ by Abigail C Saguy as a prize for the best oral presentation during the 2014 conference.

poiltics-of-size-coverWe would like to thank ABC-Clio for donating a copy of The Politics of Size: Perspectives from the Fat Acceptance Movement, edited by Ragen Chastain, as the Best Oral Presentation prize, WSC 2015.

Fat Bodies book cover


We would like to thank Palgrave Macmillan UK for donating a copy of Fat Bodies, Health and the Media by Dr Jayne Raisborough as the Best Oral Presentation prize, WSC 2016.


Other sponsors

In 2015, Icelanders celebrate the 100 year anniversary of women’s suffrage. During this anniversary year, the City of Reykjavik proudly supports a series of events that serve to cast light on women’s lives and their fight for equality. As part of this historic celebration, the City of Reykjavik is proud to support the 3rd Annual International Weight Stigma Conference.



Fosshotel Reykjavík is a four-star hotel that opened in the summer of 2015 and the largest hotel in Iceland. The hotel is located in Reykjavík’s business district, a short walking distance from Laugavegur, the main shopping street. The hotel has 16 floors with many rooms offering magnificent views of the city and the bay area. The top floor features seven suites, four of which can be used as meeting rooms. Fosshotel Reykjavik will feature first class conference facilities on the second floor. Unwind with Icelandic draught beer at the Bjórgarðurinn / Beer Garden or enjoy dining at Fosshotel Reykjavík’s restaurant, Haust.

Hotel Holt is a small four-star boutique hotel located on a quiet street in Reykjavík city center. The hotel has 41 rooms and is open year round. Guests can choose from four types of rooms so everyone should be able to find the right room for them. All rooms are decorated and furnished in a classical style with the guest’s utmost comfort in mind. Gallery Restaurant is Iceland´s premier dining experience with options to fit every palate.All rooms and public areas are adorned with classic paintings and artwork from some of Iceland´s most famous artists. Hotel Holt houses Iceland´s largest privately owned art collection that creates an unique atmosphere of quiet elegance and comfort in the heart of the city.

Canterbury Christchurch University Events and Conferencing service offer a huge range of rooms and unique venues across their campus network, ideal for meetings, conferences, and banquet-style dinners, with the stunning St Martin’s Priory venue perfect for wedding receptions. Please contact the conference and events team for more information and to arrange the best option to suit your requirements and specific needs.


Kent Holidays offer a wide range of bed & breakfast or self-catering accommodation set in 450 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds overlooking the historic city of Canterbury. Facilities include a variety of restaurants, bars, and bistros; superb indoor and outdoor sports facilities; and free on-site parking. Accommodation is available during the Easter and Summer vacation periods.

FSNZ16 Logo 2016Fat Studies: Identity, Agency, & Embodiment is the second fat studies conference held in New Zealand. Speakers from six countries will share fat scholarship and activism over 29-30 June, 2016 at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Our keynotes are Katie LeBesco, author of Revolting bodies? The struggle to redefine fat identity, and Substania Jones of the Adipositivity Project. Those unable to attend in person are welcome to register as online attendees, which will provide livestreaming of the conference and on-demand videos of the conference presentations for up to a year.

Conference Sponsorship

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