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2018 Sponsors

Frontiers is an award-winning Open Science platform and leading open-access scholarly publisher. Our mission is to make high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles rapidly and freely available to everybody in the world, thereby accelerating scientific and technological innovation, societal progress and economic growth.

Here at Leeds Beckett, we are a modern professional university with ambition. Our Weight Stigma and Discrimination Research Group has been established to explore the effects of weight stigma, and to develop novel, impactful interventions to reduce bias and address the social, psychological and physical effects of weight stigma and discrimination. We are driven by a mission to make a positive and decisive difference to people, communities and organisations through innovative, high-quality research that transforms policy and practice.

Current projects within the research group include: exploring the delivery and response to the National Child Measurement Programme, reducing stigmatising media portrayal, and examining the impact of weight stigma on the practitioner-patient relationship.

Friend of Marilyn is a fat positive radio show, blog, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and more, hosted by Cat Pausé. Cat is the lead editor of Queering Fat Embodiment (Ashgate). Her research focuses on the effects of fat stigma on the health and well-being of fat individuals and how fat activists resist the fatpocalypse. Her work appears in scholarly journals such as Somatechnics, Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, and Narrative Inquiries in Bioethics, as well as online in The Huffington Post and The Conversation, among others. She hosted Fat Studies: Reflective Intersections in 2012 and Fat Studies: Identity, Agency, Embodiment in 2016. She is currently editing the International Handbook of Fat Studies for Routledge.
Wiley is a world leader in publishing Psychology research, including in Social Psychology where we proudly publish many of the top journals in the field. We provide authors with a positive and rewarding publishing experience. Please visit Wiley Author Resources to find out more about how Wiley supports authors and submit your manuscript to one of our journals today.


Pearlsong Press: Healing the world, one book at a time. Fat Studies, fat-friendly fiction, non-fiction, and self-help. Plus free stuff. Click here. We would like to thank Pearlsong Press for their continued support of the WSC.
As a non-profit organization with an international membership committed to the practice of the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Principles, ASDAH envisions a world that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, in which body weight is no longer a source of discrimination and where oppressed communities have equal access to the resources and practices that support health and well being. We would also like to thank ASDAH for their continued support of the WSC.


NAAFA logoFounded in 1969, NAAFA is a non-profit human rights organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for fat people. NAAFA works to eliminate discrimination based on body size and provide fat people with the tools for self-empowerment through public education, advocacy, and member support. Join us today at: www.naafa.org

Routledge Journals is proud to publish Fat Studies, the first academic journal in the field of scholarship that critically examines theory, research, practices, and programs related to body weight and appearance. Routledge is one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, books, ebooks and reference works, and publishes content that spans all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Behavioural Sciences. We would like to than Fat Studies and Routledge for their continued support of the WSC.

Founded in 1936, SPSSI is an international group of psychologists, allied scientists, students, and others who share a common interest in research on the psychological aspects of important social issues. SPSSI seeks to bring theory and practice into focus on human problems of the group, the community, and nations, as well as the increasingly important problems that have no national boundaries. SPSSI publishes three scholarly journals, and hosts a broad range of funding opportunities and programs to further its mission. The organization provides its members with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and insights to the critical problems of today’s world.

***Visit the website for more information on the SPSSI 2018 Conference, June 29-July 1, Pittsburgh, USA.***

Rebecca Scritchfield, author of Body Kindness, and host of the Body Kindness podcast is a HAES registered dietitian and certified exercise physiologist. She offers weight inclusive individual, group, and online programs centered on well-being enhancement. Rebecca’s Body Kindness material is currently being adapted for a pilot program at UNC Charlotte designed to help postpartum women struggling with body image and weight concerns. She primarily works with kids, chronic dieters and people in recovery from Binge Eating Disorder. www.bodykindnessbook.com

Founded by Dennis Relojo, Psychreg is an online platform in psychology, mental health, and well-being. To achieve its core aim of being generous in providing people with relevant information, it operates in six strands: (1) blog; (2) podcast; (3) open access publication*; (4) mental health stories; (5) events (including the 1st International Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Education – ICPCE 2018, to be held on 2nd–4th August 2018 at New Era University in the Philippines); and, (6) an international organisation.

*Psychreg Journal of Psychology (PJP) welcomes submissions from all researchers in psychology and allied fields, and particularly encourages submissions from postgraduate researchers. PJP is published in June and December, but will continuously accept submissions throughout the year.

We would like to thank Routledge for donating a copy of the updated and expanded of 2nd edition Fat by Prof Deborah Lupton, a 2017 WSC keynote speaker, as a prize for Best Oral or Poster Presentation at WSC 2018. “Fat is a book about why the fat body has become so reviled and reviewed as diseased, the target of such intense discussion and debate about ways to reduce its size down to socially and medically acceptable dimensions. It is about the lived experience of fat embodiment: how does it feel to be fat in a fat phobic-society? Fat activism and obesity politics, and related controversies, are also discussed.” The book is due out on 30th May, 2018, but you can pre-order here.

We would like to thank Sage for donating a copy of Qualitative Dissertation Methodology: A Guide for Research Design and Methods by Dr Nathan Durdella as a prize for Best Oral or Poster Presentation at WSC 2018. The book functions as a dissertation advisor to help students construct and write a qualitative methodological framework for their research. Drawing from the challenges author Nathan Durdella has experienced while supervising students, the book breaks down producing the dissertation chapter into smaller pieces and goes through each portion of the methodology process step by step. Supplemental videos are also available. The book is available in paperback and e-format, and the author can deliver a web talk with small bulk orders.


We would like to thank Melville House, UK for donating an advance copy of Virgie Tovar’s new book, You Have the Right To Remain Fat as a prize for Best Oral or Poster Presentation at WSC 2018. You Have the Right to Remain Fat is a scathing attack on diet culture, fatphobia and ingrained sexism from bold author, activist and body image expert Virgie Tovar. Virgie is hungry for a world where bodies are valued equally, food is free from moral judgment, and you can jiggle through life with respect. In concise and candid language, she delves into unlearning fatphobia, dismantling sexist notions of fashion, and rejecting diet culture’s greatest lie: that fat people need to wait before beginning their best lives. The book is out in August but we will have some advanced copies to purchase at the conference!



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